Why Give?


Girls in Bangladesh collecting unsafe water.
Girls in Bangladesh collecting unsafe water.

Safe water saves lives.

Water is one of the most basic human needs. When you give the gift of water, you help to break the cycle of poverty, disease and death.

Join Water.org in bringing the life-saving gift of water to someone in need.

  • For $25, you can provide someone with access to safe drinking water for life.
  • For $150, you can meet the water needs of an entire family.
  • For $200, you can provide a household water tap and toilet to a family in Honduras.
  • For $1,000, you can provide public water points and latrines to a village of 400 in Bangladesh.
  • For $5,000, you can construct a spring protection system for a village in Ethiopia.
  • For $10,000, you can provide water hook-ups and toilets to 300 people in an urban slum in India.
  • For $20,000, you can provide a deep borehole well to an entire village in Kenya.

Donate Now. 

An Expression of Gratitude 

When we travel to meet the people who benefit from our donors' support, the story is always the same. People want us to express their gratitude to our donors for helping change their lives. Even a small contribution can mean increased quality of life for someone who spends hours each day collecting water - in fact, it can mean life itself.

No matter how you choose to donate, your support will mean that more people in the world will experience the day when they can take a safe drink of water!